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J.Elquist Look Book

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Eva Aaron wearing J.Elquist Chambray Bowtie

Eva Aaron wearing J.Elquist Chambray Bowtie

While John and I were in New York we had a chance to take part in the first J.Elquist Look Book. It was a perfect day in Central Park, and the J.Elquist team surfed the entire park looking for premium locations. We were lucky enough to work with the talented Eva Aaron, who displayed our neck wear beautifully, and John Alburl worked the magic behind the camera capturing hundreds of amazing pictures. The top picks can now be seen on the J.Elquist website here.


The Brooklyn Circus

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The Brooklyn Circus Store Front

New York was an amazing trip and I ended up seeing a plethora of amazing sights. The HIGHLIGHT of the entire trip though was The Brooklyn Circus. The store has been featured on Red Eagle before and what they say is true, Experience is Everything at the Brooklyn Circus. As soon as you step into the store you enter a different world with a mix of antiques and modern flair. The store is filled with great vintage pieces as well as a detailed house brand designed by BKc. I also had a chance to talk with some of the creative minds behind the BKC, Ouigi and Adam Rogers. Ouigi is the main creative force behind the Brooklyn Circus Adam Rogers is the man behind the Antiquated Mindset, which has been located on the blogroll since the beginning of Red Eagle. Both men exude deep meaningful style and character as well as knowledge about the history of style. It was an honor to learn from two greatest creative minds around. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the Brooklyn Circus in person, as well as the Antiquated Mindset.
Ouigi "The Bearded Man"

Adam Rogers

Ouigi, Adam, John, and I outside the Brooklyn Circus

Empire State of Mind

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Returning from New York City, I feel like a completely different person. I never even imagined that the city would be as amazing as it was. The people who I met, the places that I traveled, the things I learned, and the inspiration that I soaked into my skin in only five days amazes me still. The next few posts will highlight some of my experiences in the city. Thanks to everyone I met while in NYC, everyone was unique and amazing.

In New York

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John and I are headed to New York and bringing these along with us. We will be pushing J.Elquist and tearing down the town with JD Elquist. Alot more coming soon.


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When I was young my sister had a “lighthouse project” and still to this day I have no idea what that project entailed, but the one thing I got out of the deal was the chance to travel in North and South Carolina to tour and look at different lighthouses. It was really during this trip that I gained a liking for the purpose and style of a lighthouse. Although today they are rarely used, lighthouses once use to warn of boats of hazardous coastlines, dangerous reefs, and safe entry into harbors. I am always amazed with the individual style of a lighthouse, no two seeming alike. The colors and designs of lighthouses are still seen in today’s nautical style.

Tied Up

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Quoddy Deck Boot

It has been some time now that I have been following Quoddy and recently they have caught on in popularity through various blogs and collaborations. Quoddy is a maker of tough outdoor handmade footwear, and the best of its kind. The story begins in 1909 when the Shorey Family began making its own shoes/moccasins in Maine with a strong belief in quality and craftsmanship.

“Quoddy harkens back to the time when hand-made was the norm, when output was measured in dozens, not thousands.  In a large modern factory individual shoes pass through the hands of as many as seventy people before leaving the factory floor.  At Quoddy, one person  handsews your shoes at their bench – the quality of that pair is a testament to the individual skill that went into making them.”

Grizzly Boot with Sheepskin Lining

Quoddy takes pride in its great Maine heritage and does everything to uphold its standards. This is another one of those investment items that could possible last generations, seeing how Quoddy performs free repairs on quality concerns and regular repairs for a small price as well. Quoddy even offers custom orders. I have heard that if you visit the factory in Maine that they will actually draw you a personal foot sketch for a perfect fit, as well as let you custom design your Quoddy’s picking the style, lacing, and leathers. A factory visit is going to have to be in my future.

Deck Chukka


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Damascus Steel

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Damascus Steel is a legendary hot forged steel that was known for its sharpness and strength against other swords. The legend has it that Damascus Steel swords would easily cut through less quality swords and even rock. Damascus Steel was used in Middle-Eastern sword making from 1100AD to 1700AD and then the technique was lost in history around 1750AD from what many believe was a depletion of certain resources. Today, Damascus Steel is a term used for metal with a visible grain pattern and sometimes even texture. The techniques used today to attain the visible grain patterns is the lamination of folded steels. In my opinion you can not find a more raw looking knife than one made with Damascus Steel.



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Ernest Hemingway

Filson Bags

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pFILSON1-2231557dtIf there was any duffel bag that I would want to have this would be it. Filson has been around since 1897 and has a long prestiguse history in the outfitting industry. One of the many products that Filson is noted for is their durable line of bags and luggage. These bags shown are made from a thick durable canvas with leather straps, that allows these bags to take a beating. These durable bags are well worth their price and are built to last.




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Picture 099

Picture 061

Picture 080

Picture 095

Orvis Winter Wear

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1K92PB9_lgOrvis really keeps on surprising me season after season with great with classical interpretations of sportswear inspired casual clothing. First on the list is a “Traditional” Barbour Cable Knife Turtleneck Sweater made from a wool blend that gives it a tweedy look. With the resurgence of turtlenecks this winter by companies such as J. Crew and Polo, this is a great alternative from Barbour. On of the other items that I enjoy is the Wool Tweed Vest, as seen shown below in charcoal. This vest is a great interpretation and twist on the classic English Tweed Hunting Vest. New to the lineup as well is Orvis’ new Brown Corduroy Jack. It comes equipped with leather buttons and four usable pockets that Orvis calls “hunting style”. Well whatever they are doing at Orvis I hope they keep it up.




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Picture 379-1

Prince of Wales Check Wool

Here is just another sneak preview of what the J.Elquist Neckwear Line. Things are heating up.

J.Elquist: New School Dandy

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J.Elquist wearing J.Elquist sample bowtie

J. Elquist has just been killing it since he got to New York. The other night he met the men who run Fine and Dandy, which was featured on this blog a few days ago. To make a long story short the guys at Fine and Dandy did a style profile on J.Elquist which included a sick interview. Peep the J.Elquist sample bowtie being worn in the picture above. More to come with J.Elquist Neckwear and congrats again to J.Elquist. Check out the interview here.

BillyKirk Bags

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Billykirk is one company that truly understands the meaning of quality hand made products. Since 1999, Chris and William Kirkland have been handling the design, production, and business side of their company. These guys our keen on creating quality leather products that will last generations. Also, there bags are exactly what I have been looking for. This bags spirit resembles that of an old doctors bags with metal reinforcements around the lip of the bag. The leather detailing and use of heavy canvas for this large carryall also gives me a sort of military bag vibe. Anyways check out more Billykirk on their website and blog for additional products.



Cowboy Livin

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west1Being born in Texas, as well as the help of my Texan extended family, I have always loved the symbol which the cowboy represents. A free spirit roaming on deserted land, wielding guns for his only protection. Living off what they can carry on their horse, meaning only carrying the clothes on your back. The actual cowboy times did not last long in terms of history, but their impact is still felt in the hearts of many.Growing up I always loved watching Old Western movies, then after trying to impersonate their style. The ruggedness of their clothing blends in with the land in which they roam, never new or crisp always worn and lived in.

Picture 382

Monk Strapped

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prod_dress_shoes_monkMonkstrap shoes acquired their name because the buckles resemble those on a monks’ sandal. Monkstrap shoes usually either have one or two buckles (above), although I am more fond the the two buckled look. One precaution is that you must have the proper fitting pants, because pants with too long of a hem may get caught in the buckles, all the more reason for you to visit your tailor. The Monkstrap Shoes that you see above are by Sid Mashburn. They are made with Goodyear Welted construction with a capped toe and double buckle straps.

Kishida Days

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ピッティダブルモンク1 090204

Lino Ieluzzi

If you have not noticed yet there has been a new link added to the blog roll. The other day I was doing some research when I came across Kishida Days, which is a foreign Sartorialist featuring only the finest dressed Italian Men. With a close eye one can see the Italians Art of Sprezzatura, an Italian term for artful dishevelment, displayed all over the blog. For an example look at how this Italian, Lino Ieleuzzi, has the upper buckle of his monk strap shoes unbuckled and a loose Italian knot with his tie just slightly off-center. With even a closer look one will even see that he has the first two buttons on his jacket sleeve unbuttoned displaying workable buttons. Again this blog just displays the art of dressing, that to many Italians is a way of life.

Two Roads

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Picture 353

Hand Engraved Guns

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Winter Hat Race

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For those who do not know about Fine and Dandy, please check them out first. Fine and Dandy is known for their handmade and well priced ties and bow ties that are made in New York City. They also carry every accessory that any modern gentlemen would need, including some amazing wool hats. With winter gearing up I have been looking for some great wool hats to wear and you can not beat these two wool newsboy caps, each only $40. Check it.



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15146_167044486777_140216981777_2889952_8184076_nJ.Elquist has been hard at work sorting through thousands of fabrics for the first collection of J.Elquist Neckwear. Here are some swatches that he has pulled so far. I see that making of one amazing first collection as all of the fabrics resonate with me in some way. Stay tuned for more J.Elquist updates.

GQ: Wool Ties

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woolties5_h[1]Today I was surfing some blogs when I came across GQ‘s new obsession of the day. Although a little behind in my book GQ is claiming that the biggest tie trend this season is going to be Wool. Really? If you have been reading this blog at all, or even just looking at pictures, wool ties are by far my favorite types of ties. The texture, the depth, and history of the fabric are fascinating. With GQ’s stamp now on wool ties, be prepared to see this winter trend explode.



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