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Italian Peacoat

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on December 16, 2009

So it is about time I take some of my own advice. I have been talking about pea coats on this blog for a while, and last week I was ready to get mine. I took a trip to the local army/navy store to check out what peacoats they had in stock, and it turned out to be my lucky day. They had the new US Navy Peacoats for $130, which was now in black, and they were having a sale on a few Italian Officer Peacoats for $30. I checked out both coats taking in consideration the fabrics, construction, buttons, and fit. I decided on the near luxiurous blue wool Italian Peacoat, which I later found out has Milano engraved on the back of all the gold buttons. The aspect that I enjoy most about this jacket would have to be the perfect fit. It is slim without being too tight or small and it also has a good length as well. So again I give you the advice I have spoken before. If you are looking for a great pea coat check out your local army/navy store before you go spending all of your money on some brand.


Winter Creations

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A couple weeks ago I decided that I needed a scarf for the already cold months. I configured a design and made a double sided scarf for myself, instead of going out to buy one. One side is made of a supersoft chambray cotton and the other is made with a high quality worsted wool. The two colors play well together and creates a great layering affect. The pictures seen here are of my good friend Terence Connor rocking the double sided scarf with a white oxford, tweed hacking jacket, and levi jeans. If you have not checked out his blog, Small Town Big Style, yet then head over there now; it is filled with great music, videos, style, and articles.

Winter Gloves

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Orvis GlovesIf there is one thing that drives me crazy during the winter, its ice cold fingers. It has already started to get chilly enough here, for the cold to bit at my fingertips. So I started searching all my favorite places for some outdoor lined winter gloves, and for some reason there seems to be a lack of choices this winter. The two favorite gloves that I found for winter just happen to be made by two of my favorite outfitters Orvis and Filson. The above glove is the Shearling Leather Glove, from Orvis that are made with 100% New Zealand Lambskin. The gloves below are from Filson, and made out of goatskin and then lined with Merino Wool to keep your hands warm. I enjoy the ruggedness that both gloves have to offer as well as the natural skin shells.

Peak Lapels

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PTP: Corduroy Pockets

Posted in Personally Taken Pic by redeagletribe on December 1, 2009
Corduroy Pockets on Pea coat


Posted in Motorcycles by redeagletribe on December 1, 2009

One source of  unexpected inspiration that kept popping up all around the city were the amazing motorcycles seen on and around the streets. The city streets were amazing for a cycle head like myself. It felt like I was stopping every couple of streets to take in the styling of some sort of classic motorcycle. Great vintage/vintage inspired bikes are always a great source of style inspiration and it was great to see some bikes that I had never come across.

Triumph Thruxton

Honda CB 500