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Italian Peacoat

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on December 16, 2009

So it is about time I take some of my own advice. I have been talking about pea coats on this blog for a while, and last week I was ready to get mine. I took a trip to the local army/navy store to check out what peacoats they had in stock, and it turned out to be my lucky day. They had the new US Navy Peacoats for $130, which was now in black, and they were having a sale on a few Italian Officer Peacoats for $30. I checked out both coats taking in consideration the fabrics, construction, buttons, and fit. I decided on the near luxiurous blue wool Italian Peacoat, which I later found out has Milano engraved on the back of all the gold buttons. The aspect that I enjoy most about this jacket would have to be the perfect fit. It is slim without being too tight or small and it also has a good length as well. So again I give you the advice I have spoken before. If you are looking for a great pea coat check out your local army/navy store before you go spending all of your money on some brand.


Winter Creations

Posted in Personally Taken Pic, Style by redeagletribe on December 16, 2009

A couple weeks ago I decided that I needed a scarf for the already cold months. I configured a design and made a double sided scarf for myself, instead of going out to buy one. One side is made of a supersoft chambray cotton and the other is made with a high quality worsted wool. The two colors play well together and creates a great layering affect. The pictures seen here are of my good friend Terence Connor rocking the double sided scarf with a white oxford, tweed hacking jacket, and levi jeans. If you have not checked out his blog, Small Town Big Style, yet then head over there now; it is filled with great music, videos, style, and articles.

J.Elquist Look Book

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on November 30, 2009
Eva Aaron wearing J.Elquist Chambray Bowtie

Eva Aaron wearing J.Elquist Chambray Bowtie

While John and I were in New York we had a chance to take part in the first J.Elquist Look Book. It was a perfect day in Central Park, and the J.Elquist team surfed the entire park looking for premium locations. We were lucky enough to work with the talented Eva Aaron, who displayed our neck wear beautifully, and John Alburl worked the magic behind the camera capturing hundreds of amazing pictures. The top picks can now be seen on the J.Elquist website here.

The Brooklyn Circus

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on November 29, 2009

The Brooklyn Circus Store Front

New York was an amazing trip and I ended up seeing a plethora of amazing sights. The HIGHLIGHT of the entire trip though was The Brooklyn Circus. The store has been featured on Red Eagle before and what they say is true, Experience is Everything at the Brooklyn Circus. As soon as you step into the store you enter a different world with a mix of antiques and modern flair. The store is filled with great vintage pieces as well as a detailed house brand designed by BKc. I also had a chance to talk with some of the creative minds behind the BKC, Ouigi and Adam Rogers. Ouigi is the main creative force behind the Brooklyn Circus Adam Rogers is the man behind the Antiquated Mindset, which has been located on the blogroll since the beginning of Red Eagle. Both men exude deep meaningful style and character as well as knowledge about the history of style. It was an honor to learn from two greatest creative minds around. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the Brooklyn Circus in person, as well as the Antiquated Mindset.
Ouigi "The Bearded Man"

Adam Rogers

Ouigi, Adam, John, and I outside the Brooklyn Circus

Orvis Winter Wear

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on November 11, 2009

1K92PB9_lgOrvis really keeps on surprising me season after season with great with classical interpretations of sportswear inspired casual clothing. First on the list is a “Traditional” Barbour Cable Knife Turtleneck Sweater made from a wool blend that gives it a tweedy look. With the resurgence of turtlenecks this winter by companies such as J. Crew and Polo, this is a great alternative from Barbour. On of the other items that I enjoy is the Wool Tweed Vest, as seen shown below in charcoal. This vest is a great interpretation and twist on the classic English Tweed Hunting Vest. New to the lineup as well is Orvis’ new Brown Corduroy Jack. It comes equipped with leather buttons and four usable pockets that Orvis calls “hunting style”. Well whatever they are doing at Orvis I hope they keep it up.



Monk Strapped

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on November 7, 2009

prod_dress_shoes_monkMonkstrap shoes acquired their name because the buckles resemble those on a monks’ sandal. Monkstrap shoes usually either have one or two buckles (above), although I am more fond the the two buckled look. One precaution is that you must have the proper fitting pants, because pants with too long of a hem may get caught in the buckles, all the more reason for you to visit your tailor. The Monkstrap Shoes that you see above are by Sid Mashburn. They are made with Goodyear Welted construction with a capped toe and double buckle straps.

Kishida Days

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on November 7, 2009
ピッティダブルモンク1 090204

Lino Ieluzzi

If you have not noticed yet there has been a new link added to the blog roll. The other day I was doing some research when I came across Kishida Days, which is a foreign Sartorialist featuring only the finest dressed Italian Men. With a close eye one can see the Italians Art of Sprezzatura, an Italian term for artful dishevelment, displayed all over the blog. For an example look at how this Italian, Lino Ieleuzzi, has the upper buckle of his monk strap shoes unbuckled and a loose Italian knot with his tie just slightly off-center. With even a closer look one will even see that he has the first two buttons on his jacket sleeve unbuttoned displaying workable buttons. Again this blog just displays the art of dressing, that to many Italians is a way of life.

Winter Hat Race

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For those who do not know about Fine and Dandy, please check them out first. Fine and Dandy is known for their handmade and well priced ties and bow ties that are made in New York City. They also carry every accessory that any modern gentlemen would need, including some amazing wool hats. With winter gearing up I have been looking for some great wool hats to wear and you can not beat these two wool newsboy caps, each only $40. Check it.


GQ: Wool Ties

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woolties5_h[1]Today I was surfing some blogs when I came across GQ‘s new obsession of the day. Although a little behind in my book GQ is claiming that the biggest tie trend this season is going to be Wool. Really? If you have been reading this blog at all, or even just looking at pictures, wool ties are by far my favorite types of ties. The texture, the depth, and history of the fabric are fascinating. With GQ’s stamp now on wool ties, be prepared to see this winter trend explode.


Toggle Sweater

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This is one of the latest items to drop for Ralph Lauren Winter 2009. This is a great chunky sweater for the winter that freaters a classsic Fair Isle design around the neck as well as three horn toggle closures. Peferct for the cold winter ahead.

J. Elquist Neckwear

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This is what we have been preparing for! John Alburl and myself have jumped on board with J.Elquist Clothiers! Our first line of duty is preparing for the late November release of the J.Elquist neck wear line. Handmade neck ware made here in the USA. J.Elquist Clothiers is going to be something dreams are made of. Stay tuned.

Picture 267

J.Elquist sample: Grey wool/cahsmere with chalk stripes

RE: Pea Coat

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on October 25, 2009

Pea CoatThere was a lot of interest surrounding the last Pea Coat post, and this shot from the Sartorialist emphasizes another important but usually forgotten point, and that is fit. This picture demonstrates exactly what to go for and that is a nice well fit look. Sizing down one is the best way to achieve this, since most men wear the wrong sizes anyway. Again, check out your local army/navy store they are sure to have a wide vartiey of sizes.

J.Crew SS ’10

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on October 25, 2009

j crew spsu 10_0003J. Crew Spring/Summer 2010 is shaping up to be another great season for J.Crew with even more collaborations. One of the newest J. Crew collaborations being with Hill-Side who was featured a while back on Red Eagle Tribe. To my understanding though, these will be sold exclusively online and through the J.Crew Liquour Store located in New York. J.Crew will also be adding a full line of work wear chambray shirts, in a variety of colors , including a red chambray(above)  that I am putting on my list.

j crew spsu 10_0005

J. Elquist

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on October 24, 2009

bikeJ. ELQUIST, engrain that name in your mind because you are about to hearing a lot more of it. At only 22, J. Elquist will be launching his new and highly anticipated collection in the early months of 2010, that is sure to be timeless, functional and bold. What more could you even ask for in a collection?  J. Elquist is also putting together a new bi-monthly online magazine, SIR Magazine, which is a new magazine for the mondern gentlemen that is sure to be a smash. To add even more to this kids plate he also runs by far one of the freshest blogs that I go to merging history and clothing. Take a closer look at J Elquist here.

Sharp like an arrow

Posted in Personally Taken Pic, Style by redeagletribe on October 22, 2009
Wool Glen Plaid Tie

Wool Glen Plaid Tie

With winter brings wool… and wool ties.  Obviously wool ties can not bring you warmth but there is something about their texture and colors that just blend well with the fall. The textures and colors of winter wools bring to mind how the English wear tweed suits as camouflage for hunting during the winter.  Here we have a Grey Wool Glen Plaid that I finished up pretty recently, and goes great with a white oxford.


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Picture 1
J.Crew seems to keep adding to their growing number of Belstaff items by the day. The other day, the jacket that truly caught my eye was the Belstaff S. Icon Racing Jacket. It seems to be a play by play replica of the exact jacket that Steve Mcqueen use to race in back in the day. Notice in the two pictures they both have a slanted left chest pocket and the American Flag over the left pocket. This is one heck of a jacket. Extremely durable and waterproof, this jacket is strong enough for the roughest offroad experience.  Check it out here.
Picture 467

Steve Mcqueen wearing Belstaff Racing Jacket

Winter Caps

Posted in Style by redeagletribe on October 10, 2009

Beams Plus Winter Cap

Another essential for these upcoming winter months is a warm winter cap. This cable winter cap by Beams Plus looks warm enough to keep an Artic Sailor’s head warm during the winter, which is always a plus. I am lucky enough to have a sister who knits and makes amazing warm winter caps, and that is where I will be acquiring my winter cap. So be on the lookout for that winter cap when it comes my way.

Persol 2869s

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It seems anywhere you go today, you can see the reemergence of the famous ray ban wayfarer on everyone’s face. I like the shape of the wayfarer, but the use of the ray bans have been a bit over saturated. Persol, famous for outfitting Steve Mcqueen, have their own twist to the classic wayfarer in a few classic color ways. The Persol 2869s has a great classic shape that you will not find everyone else wearing. These pictures shown here are the 2869s in the Light Havana colorway. Check the rest of the colorways out here.


Engraved Guns

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BLVD Fashion Night Out

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8324_831125136450_4905845_51074919_1389631_nSo last Friday night BLVD Magazine held their Fashion Night Out. The event was held at Georgia Traditions, and it was a great showing. Styles and clothes were featured from local Athens stores, and somehow one of my ties made it into the show! Chris Grimmet rocked this fresh out with boots, white jeans, blue dress shirt, green trench coat, and the my navy wool tie that was featured previously on this blog. Check it out!

Pendleton Blankets

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It is about time to start gearing up for winter, and everyone needs a good blanket. A blanket is one of those utilitarian objects that can be readily used during the cold winter months. One of the best quality blankets that I have run across is Pendleton Woolen Mills blankets. Made out of a thick pure virgin wool, this blanket will keep you warm in the coldest of camping trips. One of the things that first brought my attention to the Pendleton Blankets were there line of Native American inspired blankets. Maybe its part of my Indian Heritage, but I have always enjoyed Native American arts and designs, especially the old Indian saddle blankets. This type of blankets use to be worn over the back of a Native American horse which displayed usually some sort of artwork. Pendleton also has a line of Native American blankets, which donates proceeds to the American Indian College Fund. Very cool.


Bow Tie Done Right

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Most guys have a problem wearing a bow tie. Usually there is this sense of nerd in the air, but not if you do it right. This nice navy diamond tip bow tie, by Alexander Olch, doesn’t look to bad here layered with a white sweater and a Glen Check sports jacket.